Affirmative Asylum

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Affirmative Asylum

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  • The United States could grant asylum to those who have entered the country seeking protection, or who have suffered persecution or harm in their country of citizenship. 
  • If you have been hurt in the past or are scared of being hurt based on your ethnicity, nationality, political associations, sexuality, gender, religion, and other factors, then you might be in need to file for asylum.
  • Everyone has the right to present themselves in any way that makes them proud, to love who they want to love, to practice any religion, and to speak up about the things they believe in.
  • We believe in you, and we will always fight for your right to freedom and safety.


You have entered the United States.
Your government or an organization outside of their control has caused you harm or is intending to harm you.
Your life has been threatened in your country of Citizenship and you are seeking protection.
You are being targeted based on a part of your identity or your beliefs.
You entered this country with a visa that is expiring soon, but things back at home have changed and you believe that it’s not safe for you to go back.
You could be severely punished or persecuted for your political views, activism or discontent with your government
You could be harmed for openly loving who you want to love, or for dressing, presenting, or expressing yourself in an authentic way that makes you happy
You are fleeing war, violence, or civil conflict that could put your life in danger.
You are afraid to return to your home country. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Asylum


When should I file for asylum?

You should file for asylum within one year of entering the United States.


Can I file from outside the United States?

No, if you can only file for asylum from within the United States.


What if I missed the deadline?

You should file for asylum within one year of entering the United States, but if you have missed the deadline and more than one year has passed there is still hope.You can still try to file for asylum, but you must demonstrate to USCIS that you qualify for an exception to the deadline. 

You will have to provide evidence of the circumstance that prevented you from filing within one year. Examples of possible exceptions include changes in country conditions, changes in your personal circumstances, or other extraordinary circumstances.

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