What We do

We work with complicated immigration issues all over the United States to help our clients legalize their status.

Helping immigrants

Our passion is to do our best to help those who have lost hope, or those who have repeatedly been told there are no options available to them.

We have helped hundreds of hard-working and brave immigrants just like you free themselves from painful and complicated situations and get legal status in the form of a green card or work permit. Your dreams mean everything to us, and we want to do everything we can to help you reach them.

Moumita smiling next to a table with envelopes filled with green cards and work permits for her clients
Row of images of different immigrants

If you are currently…

Going through marriage problems

Woman sitting at table with head in hands

Divorced or separated from a U.S. Citizen

wedding rings on ripped paper that reads "Divorce Decree"

Unable to count on your spouse or children to help you apply

man and woman standing apart in room with arms crossed

Wanting to reunite your family or bring your immigrant spouse to the U.S.

Hands holding two U.S. passports

Working for an employer who is exploiting you

Man in suit standing in office with arms crossed

In need of help navigating the complicated world of immigration

A stack of U.S. immigration documents

…then we might be able to help you secure your legal status here in the United States!

You deserve the best legal services

Here at The Law Firm of Moumita Rahman we firmly believe that every immigrant deserves excellent legal services from a compassionate attorney who cares and is on their side. 

We believe in you, and we believe you deserve to be here because you have worked so hard to make this country your home. 

We honor your sacrifices, and we will provide you with the best legal help and do everything in our power to help you get legal status, so you can find safety and peace in this country. 

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