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We work with complicated immigration issues all over the United States to help our clients legalize their status.

Each case is different

If any of these situations sound familiar, do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can look into your options together. You are not alone, and we are always here to listen. 

We would love to get to know your story and see what options could be available to you.

Each case is different, and in order to find out if you could be eligible to apply, you will require an evaluation from the attorney so she can provide an expert and personalized evaluation of your case. 

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Motion to Reopen

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  • Under certain circumstances it may still be possible to vacate an order of removal so that you can pursue getting legal status, even where you have already been deported.
  • These would include certain circumstances such as the following:
  • You are now eligible for VAWA or for a green card through marriage
  • You are eligible for a T visa or U visa
  • You are now eligible for asylum
  • You are now eligible for other immigration relief

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