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Who we are

A photo of the team that works at the law firm of Moumita Rahman


Our passion is in finding solutions for those who believed they had no hope of ever getting a green card or work permit. We believe every immigrant deserves excellent legal services from a compassionate legal team.

We are a tight knit and caring legal team that works with complicated immigration issues all over the United States to help our clients legalize their status. 


We help hundreds of hard-working and brave immigrants free themselves from painful and complicated situations and get legal status in the form of a green card or work permit. 

Our clients’ dreams mean everything to us and we want to do everything we can to help them reach their dreams.

Who You are

You have a sense of curiosity about others and their lives always striving to learn more about yourself, your cases, your clients, and your teammates.
You desire to be part of a strong team and recognize that we can go further together than we could alone.
You know that learning never stops and you keep an open mind to learn from the experiences of others.
You are an active listener, which allows you to hear what is needed as well as receive feedback.
You are ambitious and have worked hard for your achievements and always strive to build on your accomplishments
You have an excellent work ethic and excellent spelling, diction and grammatical skills.

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