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VAWA for parents

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  • This tool might provide relief for undocumented parents who have adult U.S. Citizen children over 21 who are not reliable, or who are refusing to help them apply.
  • Parents who have been mistreated or have had certain problems with their child might be eligible to file for a green card or work permit by themselves.
  • This process is completely confidential. It won’t have any negative effect on the U.S. Citizen child or hurt them in any way.
  • Self-Petitions are our main case type here at Rahman Law! We have successfully helped many happy clients take control of their situation and get the relief they deserve.


Your child refuses to help you apply or keeps delaying your process. You feel like you can’t rely on them for help.
Your child gets really angry or even aggressive
You feel forced to do as they say or act with caution to prevent making them upset.
Your child insults you or says things to put you down for being an immigrant.
They constantly create arguments with you or the rest of your family.
They abuse drugs or alcohol or partake in other dangerous behavior.
They have hurt you, or they have damaged your home and belongings.
This situation is causing you emotional pain, you feel drained.
You feel sad and hopeless because you love them so much, but they keep hurting you.
You’re afraid of what might happen to you because you don’t have your papers yet.

Frequently Asked Questions About VAWA


What is a VAWA Self-Petition and what are the benefits?

A VAWA Self-Petition is a special type of case that can help immigrants who are being mistreated by their U.S. citizen spouse or adult child get a work permit and green card.

It allows the immigrant to apply for benefits on their own, without the help of their spouse or child—In fact your spouse/child doesn’t even have to know about it!

Click here to learn more about qualifying for VAWA as the SPOUSE of a U.S. citizen

Click here to learn more about qualifying for VAWA as the PARENT of a U.S. citizen


Do I need to be a victim of physical violence to apply for a VAWA?

You never need to experience  physical abuse or physical violence in order to be eligible for VAWA.  Abuse comes in many other forms.

There are many other situations such as emotional abuse, suffering, cruelty, manipulation, or control that would make you a good candidate to file for VAWA without the help of your U.S. Citizen child or spouse.


Can I stay with my spouse after filing for VAWA? What happens if we reconcile?

We recognize that relationships are complicated. For VAWA, there is no legal requirement for you to separate or divorce. You can still decide to get back together with your spouse if you believe that is the best decision for you. 

Your application will not be affected if you and your spouse reconcile or decide to stay together. You won’t have to withdraw or cancel your application, and there will be no changes to your case.


Will my spouse/child get in trouble?

Your spouse or child will NOT get in trouble. You filing for VAWA does not create a police report, criminal history, or affect them in any way. 

They will be able to continue living their lives without any interference. In fact, they won’t even know you are doing this process unless you decide to tell them! 


Will I have to get the police involved?

Many people think that they need to press charges or have a police report to be eligible for VAWA, but that is not true! 

In fact, most of our clients don’t have any of these documents for their case and are still able to succeed. If you file for VAWA our team will work with you to document your situation and gather the evidence needed for your case to be successful.

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